Light of the World

This podcast shares some thoughts on how we can recognize and utilize the light within us to make a difference and to experience more fully our divine purpose.

Input, Output, and True Productivity

This podcast explores the importance of right input as a way toward growth and true productivity.

Doing Your Warm-Ups

This podcast talks about how warming up each morning, including our spiritual muscles, can make for a day with more freedom and less vulnerability.

Don’t Go Changin’

This podcast discusses how to be true to ourselves and live our divine purpose more freely and joyfully.

Strength in Weakness

This podcast reminds us how to humble ourselves in times of challenge and to feel the strength that can bring to ourselves and in our divine purpose.

Social Distancing and Spiritual Nearness

This podcast discusses how we can draw closer spiritually and powerfully in these days of social distancing.

Rationalization and Limitation

This podcasts addresses how rationalizing may result in limiting ourselves unnecessarily and how to break that habit and set ourselves free for opportunity.

Preparing for the New Year

This podcast offers some insights into going into our new year taking with us what is helpful and leaving behind the baggage that weighs us down.

Perfectionism and Your Divine Purpose

This podcast takes a look at human perfectionism versus spiritual perfection and how this awareness can help us discover and live our divine purpose more freely and confidently.